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NC House Bill H26 Implementation

From CAR President Dale Bevell - November 25, 2013 --

As many of you know, CAR and some of its members, have been an important part of the process of working to help write the language of the H26, as well as helping DMV sort through the language in an effort to minimize the negative effects our members feel, while hopefully helping us protect ourselves from buying vehicle that have been stolen. There has been ongoing communication with the DMV, CAR, and the Recyclers Association of North Carolina (RANC) exchanging information and ideas.

For those of you not familiar with the whole thing, I suggest that you read the copy of the bill that is attached. In essence it states that we must run all vehicle serial numbers on ten year old and older cars that do not have a title, through a data base that DMV must supply to us before we purchase them in order to determine if they have been stolen. If the vehicle shows stolen we do not purchase, but if the data base says it is not stolen it can be purchased, affording us some protection. Now this is most definitely a very short version of the whole deal, but the letter and the bill that are attached explain what is required of everyone. Implementation date is set for December 1, 2013 and the registration is set to begin today (November 25, 2013). We need to send a clear message to DMV and everyone involved that CAR supports the basic language in the bill by registering and using the site.

As with any new legislation not all the problems or concerns are immediately seen. CAR and RANC are committed to working closely with the DMV throughout the entire process. We have even invited them to visit some of our willing members so they can see first-hand the impact our members will feel. There is still some work to be done and I assure you CAR is helping in any every way possible.

I am sure there will be questions as we all start this process. In the attached letter from DMV, there are several phone numbers you can call to assist you with your questions. CAR is also ready to help answer any questions. You can call me or, even better, email me any questions or concerns and I will try to help get you an answer. DMV has asked us to keep them informed of any legitimate concerns and they are already addressing several for us.

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